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JoTechies is a Tech community that provides education, help and social events for IT professional in Jordan and helps you network with local IT peers

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JoTechies is an independent community of IT Professionals in Jordan with varying levels of experience from different technologies, background and age.

Our speakers

Our speakers are experts in their fields. We have many speakers from Microsoft, and from time to time, we have Microsoft MVP speaking at one of our events

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We talk about different technologies, with focus on cloud services. Moreover, we do alot of mobile development sessions, security, Office 365 , SQL and Azure.









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Help the IT community in Jordan learn about new IT solutions and conduct events to help like-minded IT professionals meet, connect and hear about latest technologies.

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Check out our blog, where we will be posting about technology and new tech trends.

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The community is run locally by a group of volunteer committee members who dedicate part of their time to manage events and content.

Ammar Hasayen

Husband & Father | I do Office 365 and Azure @aramex | Speaker and blogger | I Love music and exploring the world.

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Amjad Alhusseini

A Web/Mobile lead developer @aramex | Technology enthusiastic | Body builder and Guitar player.

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Mohammad Anabtawi

Technology Specialist, Software engineer, Digital Transformer

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Rajai Joudeh

Tech-savvy, UX and Cloud computing Enthusiast, Microsoft Azure Engineer

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Fuad Nsour

#Microsoft Student Partner and Computer System Engineer #innovative person think about future and do lot of stuff You find me everywhere and anytime.

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Saleh Albuga

MSP. iOS & .NET developer. Designer. (also a student). Always looking for inspiration. INFJ. Dev @ArabiaWeatherJO.

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Hossam Aljafari

Microsoft Technical Evangelism Team.

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Event – Cloud Productivity = Office 365

Join us on April 1st, 2017 to learn about cloud productivity and how Office 365 can help organizations be more productive from anywhere, and across devices.

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Session – Serverless Patterns using Azure Functions

During the session Taiseer will demonstrate how Azure Functions can help you accelerate your development tasks and allows you to scale based on demand and pay only for the resources you consume. Stay tuned for an interesting demo which integrates Azure Cognitive Services with Azure Functions.

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Session – Azure API Management

With the huge demand to create an API program that reaches its fullest potential that you can use to publish web services as APIs reliably, securely, and at scale. The Use API Management to drive API consumption among internal teams, partners, and developers, while benefiting from the analytics.

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Session – Azure Backup

Azure Backup Service contributes to your business continuity disaster recovery strategy so that, during planned and unplanned downtime, data stays safe, apps remain available, an business recovers to normal working conditions as soon as possible. Join us and learn more about Azure Backup and Site Recovery.

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Session – Azure Identity Services

In this session, we will introduce cloud identity and how Azure Active Directory stands in terms of identity services. We will dig deeper and talk about identity synchronization using AD Connect, an offering from Microsoft to help organizations sync their directory to the cloud.

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Session – Azure Infrastructure as a Service laaS

The benefits of Cloud to IT organizations is undeniable, yet many of you are in early stages of plotting out your journey to the Cloud. Microsoft Azure IaaS is a collection of compute, networking and storage services that lets you set up and manage infrastructure in the Azure with a high degree of control, security and simplicity.

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Session – Become an Azure Cloud Security Rockstar

In this session, you will hear from Ammar Hasayen, who has long experience is cryptography and enterprise security frameworks, about how to think of cloud security from different perspectives, and to explore new options when it comes to cloud and on premise security solutions.

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Session – Become Azure SQL Rockstar

I discuss how Azure SQL can be created to rapidly work on databases. How the Azure SQL databases are resilient as soon as they are created.

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Session – Discover Azure App Services

It will start with the basics: Just some HTML- and JavaScript files. Next, will extend the sample using a PHP backend. You will learn how to implement C# , solution using Visual Studio, finally manage and scale your Website on Azure App service.

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Session – Global Azure Bootcamp Keynote

The keynote will be delivered to you by Ayman Afanah, a Principal Technology Evangelist at Microsoft. Ayman will talk about Azure cloud solutions and different offering from Azure (Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service).

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Our Technical Sessions 

We conribute to the community by planning technical events, to help people learn about latest tech.

Our speakers are experts in their fields, and some of them are Microsoft MVPs. Subscribe today and join our community.

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